Monday, April 25, 2016

The Scholar of Moab by Steven L. Peck

The Scholar of Moab is about a guy who's trying to become a scholar and he is struggling with his life as a Mormon. He likes to attend church, but he feels that he doesn't have his faith. He ends up stealing a dictionary and burning the library to keep the evidence away from the cops. But the ward heard about it, and they thought it was the communists and the Gadianton Robbers trying to take over Moab and destroy the LDS church. He felt like wanting to confess what really happened, but nobody in the ward would ever believe him, because they think he's too much of a good guy to do anything like that. I recommend this book is more appropriate for adults, not because it has sketchy things happening, but it also has grammar that might be hard to understand while reading it. It is also supposed to be funny, but I don't think most younger people would understand the humor. 

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