Monday, April 25, 2016

My LDS Quiet Book by My Growing Season

My LDS Quiet BookI read about this book from the Deseret Book website and it looks like a totally a cute book that can be used for babies. It makes them want to look and feel the pictures.  It's written by someone, but they just preferred to be called My Growing Season. Maybe it's some sort of writing group that helped put it all together before publishing it with Deseret Book. It teaches toddlers how to be reverent in church and it's a book that would help them be less loud during Sacrament, Sunday School, and Sharing Time. I totally recommend this book to be for babies, because it's made out of felt and infants love the feeling of soft books with hard pages that won't tear or rip off. You can buy it off of LDS book, if you can afford it, because it's actually a pretty expensive book for children, probably because of how antique and fancy it is. Just remember the pricing on it and if you have the funds to buy it, your kids will love it.

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