Monday, April 25, 2016

Kiylee's Christmas by Sandy Christensen

It's not a published hardcover book, but it is a great story to read about. It's the true story of a family who faced a trial around Christmastime, but with a bit of faith, they had a miracle happen to them before the New Year ever came to them. It's a powerful story that will teach you about the true meaning of Christmas and what it has to offer. I recommend that it's appropriate for everybody at any age. Even a child. This book was written by my mother, I just wish that it was published and was on the shelves at either Deseret Book or even Barns & Noble. 

The Puzzle Book for LDS Kids

The Puzzle Book for LDS KidsThis book is like a lot of fun for children who are in preschool. This book will teach children a lot about the church and then solve mysterious clues that the book is offering to them. It might become a challenge for primary children who are in preschool, but it will eventually make a lot of sense to them of what they've learned from the puzzle book and then they might compare it to the scriptures they read and it may increase their testimonies. I recommend this book to be appropriate for preschoolers, because it helps them to learn a lot of fun activities given to them from the Church. You can buy this at Deseret Book as well as Amazon.

My LDS Quiet Book by My Growing Season

My LDS Quiet BookI read about this book from the Deseret Book website and it looks like a totally a cute book that can be used for babies. It makes them want to look and feel the pictures.  It's written by someone, but they just preferred to be called My Growing Season. Maybe it's some sort of writing group that helped put it all together before publishing it with Deseret Book. It teaches toddlers how to be reverent in church and it's a book that would help them be less loud during Sacrament, Sunday School, and Sharing Time. I totally recommend this book to be for babies, because it's made out of felt and infants love the feeling of soft books with hard pages that won't tear or rip off. You can buy it off of LDS book, if you can afford it, because it's actually a pretty expensive book for children, probably because of how antique and fancy it is. Just remember the pricing on it and if you have the funds to buy it, your kids will love it.

The Parable of the Princesses by Jenny Philips

Inline image 1This book is full of the most beautiful illustrations!  The story itself is a parable of three princesses who have been instructed by their beloved father to build him a castle while he is away.  The three princesses - who represent children of God struggling to do his will - find many temptations and challenges prevent them from accomplishing their missions. The beautiful artwork and elegantly worded story is sure to touch hearts and bring the spirit.  

This book was reviewed by my sister, Drama Queen. She's fond of reading books that are part of the adolescent perspective, but for this, she just read this book and it turns out to be adult. I recommend that this book is more appropriate for adults than children and adolescents. 

Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The characters were interesting, and the described setting beautiful.  While it was pretty archetypal to the genre, the plot did hold a surprise or two.  The best part, as a reader, was knowing that as a "Proper Romance" there would be no explicit content.  Very sweet and enjoyable over all.

Inline image 1The story begins so:  Marianne is desperate to return to her country home after a year stuck in Bath with her impersonal grandmother.  Then, surprisingly, that self-same grandmother abruptly declares Marianne to be the new heir to her fortune..the only catch?  Marianne must attend a house party and learn what it truly means to be an elegant lady  - which includes having to wear a bonnet and not go running about the countryside. Can Marianne, still grieving for her mother, find the inner strength to become a proper lady of fortune?  Or will the simpler life prove too tempting?

The person who reviewed this book was my sister, Drama Queen. She loves Romance books and recommends that this book is appropriate for teenagers.

Ites: an illustrated guide to the people in the Book of Mormon, written by David Butler and illustrated by Ryan Jeppesen

This book is a guide book for children to learn about the different kinds of people that are found in the Book of Mormon and why they're called the certain people ending with "ites." It's a guidebook that will lead you to a lot of learning of things pertaining to the Book of Mormon and also teach life long lessons and participate in fun activities it's showing. By the sounds and looks of this book, I recommend that it is appropriate for elementary kids as well as adults. You can find this book at Deseret Book and Amazon. That "ite" to help you! :)

Dead Wood and Rushing Water by Boyd Jay Peterson

Dead Wood and Rushing WaterI haven't read this book, but it's a book that has been written by my Mormon Literature teacher who has a contribution to writing and teaching Mormon Literature. I shouldn't be judging a book by its cover, but I think that with Dead Wood and Rushing Water being called that with a subtitle that says Essays on Mormon Faith, Culture, and Family, I think it's more appropriate for both adults and teenagers so they can learn about families and how to get along better.